Wooden dish brush


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Wooden dish brush

This wooden brush is ideal for replacing disposable dishwashing sponges. The latter are harmful to the environment, due to their composition (plastic), their limited lifespan and their rapid degradation in wastewater.

The wooden brush allows cleaning of all the dishes without scratching them, moreover it lasts relatively long, in the measure of normal use.

Once the head wears out it may change, so the handle remains the same and the waste is once again limited.

Its long handle allows a good grip and an ease for the dishes.

It can be used without its handle for those who would like a direct grip.

Can be used with dishwashing liquid as well as with dishwashing cake, Marseille soap, black soap or even vinegar, the latter are much better for the environment and the hands.

Provide a hook at its end, it will dry easily and quickly

Directions for use : Moisten the brush, apply the washing product on it and do the dishes. Rinse it well after use. Dry between each ms dishes.

Dimension: About 23 cm and for the head about 5cm in diameter

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