Oil of cade


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Oil of cade

Quantity: 30ml

Container: glass bottle

100% natural and vegetable


For the skin :

Recommended if you have dry skin . Has healing properties, excellent antiseptic and disinfectant . Applied regularly, cade oil can relieve typical skin symptoms: psoriasis, eczema, urticaria, mycosis, scabies or itching caused by insect bites such as fleas, bedbugs, ticks or even stinging caterpillars. more appropriate would be to put some with your soap . You can also mix it in a moisturizer for the body, it will retain its anti-inflammatory benefits. It is strongly advised not to apply pure cade oil, even diluted, on infected skin wounds.

For hair :

Rebalances sebum production, reduces dandruff and fights hair loss and scalp diseases. Restores the balance of the scalp and restores radiance and shine.


With its black color and its pronounced smell , cade oil contains many properties for the skin, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing, repellent . It is recommended for dry and atopic skin . It stops the development of certain bacteria responsible for itchy skin and calms rashes and skin reactions .

How to use it ?

Cade oil can be used as a hair or skin mask . Mixed with another vegetable oil such as coconut oil, aloe vera or jojoba to reduce its strong smell and thus enjoy their benefits. You can also massage your scalp with this oil diluted in a little water.

Where does cade oil come from?

Traditionally used to protect the skin of animals . Then gradually applied to the skin and hair of shepherds and breeders. They used it mainly for its repellent, antiseptic and, if necessary, healing properties . Cade oil is extracted from the fruit of the wild juniper, if you are unfamiliar with either, you are certainly familiar with the CADUM brand of shampoo and soap , which has made it its star ingredient . It is now produced by dry distillation. It is a natural product and a true ally of the skin . It is a dark liquid, with an acrid smell resembling a strong smell of smoked wood, which has many virtues.

Casarome Tip:

To give your hair and scalp all the benefits of cade oil, add a little to your shampoo.

+ Hair mask:

To treat dandruff and scalp irritations, apply cade oil to the hair roots by massaging, leave to act for a few minutes then rinse and wash the hair with shampoo or soap

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