Apricot kernel vegetable oil


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Apricot kernel vegetable oil

Quantity: 50ml

Container: glass bottle

100% from natural origin and certified organic

How is it made?

Apricot kernel vegetable oil comes from the apricot tree. The almond contained in the kernel of the apricot is used to make this oil. Apricot kernel vegetable oil is obtained by first cold pressing.

Its properties:

Very beneficial for the skin, filled with fatty acids including omega 6 which the skin needs to renew itself, but also vitamin A and vitamin E, antioxidants. Antioxidants are what give our skin a luminous complexion . It also contains phytosterols which improve micro-circulation, protect the skin from UV rays and are anti-inflammatory, also containing triacylglycerides which have softening and softening properties. Rich in oleic acid, whose structure resembles the sebum of the skin, which limits skin dehydration.

What are its benefits ?

For the skin :

Apricot kernel vegetable oil has a very fluid and light texture, odorless and with a beautiful golden color. Non-greasy, it quickly penetrates the skin providing very nourishing fatty acids.

Emollient and nourishing , apricot kernel vegetable oil effectively softens the skin and prevents dehydration. Excellent for preparing the skin for the sun, it is also calming . Very useful in case of skin irritation or mild sunburn. Protects and nourishes irritated skin such as eczema, for example. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins A and E, it illuminates the complexion and revitalizes the skin deeply and effectively and lastingly.

Suitable for all skin types, it is especially recommended for dull complexions, tired, devitalized skin , but particularly for mature and dry skin .
It is also a real anti-aging, moisturizing and softening treatment because it helps to fight against the effects of aging and softens the driest skin and regenerates it. It also protects the skin from dehydration, external aggressions and erases the signs of fatigue .

For hair :

Ideal for hair care. It regulates the production of sebum in oily hair and fights against hair loss at the root of the hair and brings shine and vitality to it, hydrates dry ends and brings shine to dull and damaged hair . Applied before shampooing on dry hair or as a hair mask, apricot oil softens and restores vitality to hair. It also helps strengthen the scalp. Very penetrating, like on the skin, it does not leave a greasy film on the hair.

Origin: Europe

Color : Orange yellow

Extraction method: Cold pressing of apricot kernels

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Using advice :

The vegetable oil of apricot kernel makes the complexion radiant , but in addition, it nourishes the skin, protects it from dehydration and fights against the effects of aging. For those who have dry or tired skin , or even a dull complexion, this will become a precious ally . It can be used pure and applied directly to the face.
Widely used for body, face and eye contour care. It is perfect as a cleansing oil .

Bonus: Close to sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil is very moisturizing, very soft and hypoallergenic . It can be used on children , after their toilet to soften their skin and prevent redness .

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