Orange blossom honey

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Orange blossom honey

Quantity: 250g

Container: glass bottle

100% natural and vegetable

It is the ideal honey to promote sleep , soothe nervous tension, anxieties, anxiety and stress.
To be taken in the evening in a bowl of milk or a relaxing herbal tea. This honey is also very pleasant in cosmetics thanks to its light smell .

Glass jar with engraving instead of the label for less waste

Our honey is 100% natural, why and how?

To justify that a honey is 100% natural , criteria must be respected by the beekeeper:

Hives must be surrounded by organic or wild crops for a radius of 3 km

Foraging areas must be at least 3 km away from sources of pollution (cities, highways, industrial areas, landfills, etc.)

Hives must be constructed with untreated materials, without synthetic paints or varnishes

The frames located inside the hives must be made of biological wax

Bees must be fed mainly with their honey

Bees must be cared for by natural methods (such as homeopathy or herbal medicine)

During harvest, the use of chemical repellents is prohibited.

The extraction must be carried out cold , without heating.

All these conditions have been respected and noted by our teams for orange blossom honey

Origin: Morocco

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